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Assured Produce.

All our growers are members of the Assured Produce Red Tractor Scheme for vining peas and are audited annually. Red Tractor is a world leading farm and food assurance scheme that covers everything from producing the crop, seed, pesticides, harvesting, storage, and environmental issues. This offers you peace of mind that when you buy our peas, you know they’re safe, traceable and produced responsibly. By purchasing Red Tractor produce you’re also supporting British farmers to carry on farming in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Quality measures.

Before harvesting our peas, each field is sampled to allow us to harvest the crop at optimum quality. This is done by taking a representative sample of each field and putting it through the “tenderometer” machine to assess how tender the peas are. When the peas are at the optimum tenderness for their end market, harvest of the field can begin.

Our modern harvesters undergo a daily hygiene routine to keep them clean and free from contamination as well as constant checks and adjustments to keep them running efficiently. This ensures clean undamaged peas are sent to the factory. 


All of our peas are grown within a 20-mile radius of the processing facility in which they are frozen. This allows us to freeze the peas within 150 minutes of them being picked, locking in all the goodness, while ensuring that our peas clock up a minimum number of food miles. The location of our freezing facility, coupled with its green credentials, means our produce is the greenest of the greenest!

We also have an Integrated Pest Management plan in place which helps us to use a combination of techniques to ensure our crop thrive while using the minimum amount of pesticides.

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